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Whats the best sink to have?

Q: In your opinion, what is the best kind of sink to have?

A: It is really all about customer preference.

Q: Could you possibly give me some pro's and con's to the different kind of sinks that are available to the average consumer?

A: Pros and cons: Some customers prefer stainless steel because of the look, easy maintenance and durability.  Other customer like Corian type products because of the color choices, ability to sand out a scratch or stain.  If you buy a stainless steel sink, you must buy a higher-grade and quality of stainless as the low end are “tinney and potential to rust”. A good stainless steel sink can cost more than a Corian type sink.  Both sinks allow you to install undermount or as a drop in.  Both sinks have various styles in terms of sizes and divider options.